Goodbye to numerous hikes on Kamloops’ trails

I’ve stayed up all night with my daughter watching movies and saying goodbye. At 5:15 a.m., she wakes up her boyfriend and we hurtle towards the Kamloops train station, only to spontaneously backtrack to the only Starbucks open at this time, so I can grab a hot breakfast.

The morning light gilds the folded desert hills with a fluorescent frosting and a rainbow still hovers in the sky from last night’s rain.

Coffee and sandwiches in hand, we race back to the station, arriving to find the train already waiting. We have to walk the full length of nearly two dozen carriages so I can board the front car. I seem to be the only one embarking.

My lack of sleep last night catches up to me and I doze on and off until we reach Jasper at 3:30 p.m. However, I do catch a quick glimpse of the stunning cascading Pyramid Falls, shimmering and twinkling like jewels in the bright late morning sun, and I wake periodically to a large glinting lake or snow-capped peak out my window. It’s hard not to stare infinitely out the window as the view of Canada’s Rockies and wilderness is truly mesmerizing.

pyramid falls

Pyramid Falls

When I’m awake, I snack on some raw vegetables, stretch my legs and hover momentarily in the dome car to watch a brief sudden rain beating down on the metal roofs of the coaches. And I pick up a cup of hot water for tea from the canteen and snuggle under my black pashmina to read “The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared.”

We have an hour or so stopover at Jasper – we’ve lost an hour en route and are now on Mountain Time — so I walk around the town for about 45 minutes, pick up a few little treats at a grocery store for the train, and catch up with my email.

At Edson, we are delayed for four hours because of a freight derailment. Some of us disembark for a while, but it’s cool and it’s quite late in the evening by this time, so I keep my stroll brief.

We finally start rolling at nearly 1 a.m. We were scheduled to arrive in Edmonton at 11, but by the time we arrive, dawn is rising over the prairie.